Not only does it offer stunning view and vibrant culture, Bali also exudes unique charm about its traditional art. The perfect blend of nature, culture, and art has attracted scores of movie directors and production houses to favor Bali as one of their shooting locations. Anyone who has not been to Bali may get inspired to visit the island after having a glimpse of it in the movies. Here are 5 movies which depict the beauty of Bali in their scenes.

1. Eat Pray Love (2010)

This box office, starred by renowned actress Julia Robert, was once a big hit in its time. Apart from its fascinating plot, the movie had its scenes set in several exotic places: Bali, Italy, and India. Adapted from a novel, the movie tells the story of a married woman who set off for a round-the-world journey to heal herself after a painful divorce. The movie vividly portrays Bali as an abode full of kindness and tranquility, from Padang-Padang Beach with its clear water to Ubud with its beautiful stretches of paddy field and unique traditional houses.

2. The Fall (2006)

This adventure fantasy movie stars Lee Pace as stuntman who comes across a young girl with a broken arm. He tells the girl a fantastic story that is visually depicted throughout the movie, where the setting takes place in some exotic places, including Bali. The Gunung Kawi Temple and Tegallalang rice terraces are two impressive sites that are well-portrayed in the movie.

3. Alex Cross (2012)

Based on James Peterson’s novel with the same title, this action movie is about a detective who has to push the limit as he was hunting a savage murderer. Directed by Rob Cohen and starring Tyler Perry, the box office had Bali in its scenes, beautifully portraying the stunning coast of the eastern part of Bali, the Karangasem region. Besides, roughly 50 locals took part in the movie, some as crew, and others as extras.

4. Memories of Bali (2004)

This Korean drama series presents a story line about a Korean female tour guide in Bali who comes across and guides a tourist, who also comes from Korea. Then a tragedy strikes them when they are about to get back to Korea. Eventually, they end their life in Bali.

5. The Perfect Wave (2015)

This adventure movie took several locations for its setting, including Mauritius, South Africa, and Bali. The plot revolves around a surfer who is pronounced dead after an accident. However, it turns out that his Doomsday has changed his life instead.

Those are a number of movies that have their shot taken in Bali. Given this fact, it is beyond doubt that, with its beauty, hospitality, and huge potential, Bali is an attractive option for movie directors and production houses to shoot the best scenes for their movie.

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