Small Team, Big Mission

We are a creative production house committed to delivering exceptional work. Our process spans from the initial idea to the final execution, creating engaging stories with a blend of visuals and narrative.

Our team, skilled in various aspects of production, ensures each project is unique and impactful.

Mission Statement

Bridging small teams and large production houses.

We are committed to offering an experience that personalizes our service for our clients, all while upholding the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Our Vision

Driving narrative to inspire.

We envision a world where content is not just seen or heard, but felt deeply, driving narratives with the fervor to inspire change and make a genuine impact.


Ni Putu Melina Winda

Project Manager & Line Producer

Apriliana Laksiowati


Casual portrait of I Gede Gita Narayan, Senior Videographer, displaying a young man in a black t-shirt with curly hair, slightly looking to the side.

I Gede Gita Narayan

Senior Videographer