What is a Production House? An In-Depth Exploration

Production houses or PHs have a role that goes beyond simply creating a variety of video content. They work “multifacetedly” to ensure that all resources are well utilized for optimal results. In this article, we will talk about the production house or production company in more depth. Production House Background PHs manage quite a few […]

Stay Put, Save More: SNXP Studio Remote Shooting Solutions

Remote video production is a recommended solution to get budget efficiency in video shooting. Clients can be in any location while the film crew performs the shooting procedures from their base location. SNXP Studio is a production house that can implement remote shooting in its best practices. SNXP Studio can provide live communication, live feedback, […]

Video Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Business

Video marketing means the use of video content to promote products, brands, and services. Using video as part of a marketing strategy will help expand audience reach; this will increase buyer interest more strongly and greatly. Same as the other marketing materials, marketing using video format aims to introduce a product or brand, but in […]