Bali Hidden Beaches for Upgrading Your Photo!

When you want to visit Bali, the most-visited place is actually a beach. Some favorite beaches are Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach, a place to see the sunset properly. There are also many recommended restaurants and bars that make your holiday more enjoyable. Even so, there are a lot of people who take a photo or video of the sunset view there, for personal or business purposes. If you wanna see and feel an anti-mainstream view of Bali’s beaches, come to places below that are included in the list of hidden and secret beaches. 

  1. Tembeling Beach, Nusa Penida

Located in Nusa Penida, Tembeling Beach has its own uniqueness than other beaches in Nusa Penida. Hidden inside a dense forest, this secluded bay boasts a pair of natural pools and a cave that opens up to a beach surrounded by a huge cliff wall. As with most secluded areas, reaching Tembeling requires a bit of an effort. The winding forest path is reserved only for those with the utmost confidence in their scooters, while others will have to walk the narrow trail for about 30 minutes until you hit the numerous flights of stairs that lead to the shore.

  1. Nunggalan Beach

Nunggalan Beach is one of the hidden gem beaches in Bali. Even located in Uluwatu, this beach doesn’t have a lot of visitors. This condition is good for you to take a photo or video shot there. Besides being a ‘private beach’, the beach offers beautiful white sand with big waves. The waves are perfect for surfing in Bali and for those who love to go for a swim.

  1. Sawangan Beach, Nusa Dua

Sawangan beach is located in Nusa Dua, Bali. The beach is not known to many tourists and it has a calm and serene atmosphere. It’s worth a visit for sunbathing and taking a fresh breath after a busy weekday. On other hand, Sawangan Beach is worth a visit for sunbathing and a fantastic supper of freshly caught fish. If you stay in Resort near here, you can also go for a camel ride by the beach.

  1. Yeh Leh Beach, Jembrana

Yeh Leh beach remains undeveloped as a tourist spot in Bali. The fact that not many people visit this beach has made it unique and peaceful. Yeh Leh beach is located in Jembrana, just off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, Yeh Leh is not decorated with soft white sand like your ideal beach. Instead, thousands of boulders litter the shore, either covered in algae or washed clean by the waves. These mysterious rocks have been smoothed over for hundreds of years, leaving few clues about their origin.

  1. Atuh Beach

Atuh beach located in Nusa Penida has magnificent green cliffs, with surrounding limestone rock formations adding to its seclusion. Dotting the coast are 4 rocky outcrops called Batu Melawang, Batu Abah, Batu Paon, and Bukit Jineng. Visit Atuh Beach at low tide to see rock pools with exotic marine life. However, swimming isn’t advisable due to strong currents and lack of lifeguards on the beach.

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