Bali’s Ceremonies for Your Shot Reference! 

Bali island, who doesn’t know about this island? Even when we ask tourists, Bali is more famous than Indonesia. With the collaboration of nature and culture, it makes Bali become the most visited destination since tourists visit keep increasing year by year. Although, after the pandemic situation Bali still has to recover from the lockdown that makes Bali’s tourism drop for a while. Pandemic effects truly impact all aspects of life such as economic, tourism, and environment. At that time, Bali’s tourism just took a break for a while after a long destination visited by tourists. Today, Bali has recovered. A lot of tourists visit Bali and the best-sunset view beaches around Kuta and Canggu become more crowded. Many tourists probably focus on exploring Bali’s nature, whereas Bali has several ceremonies that can inspire your shoot

  1. Pengerupukan is celebrated a day before Nyepi Day. The symbol of pengerupukan is the presence of Ogoh-ogoh (a big statue of a bad influence character in Balinese culture) that will be burnt after the parade to destroy bad influences in human character. On this day, you can see how big Ogoh-ogoh is and feel the parade of Ogoh-ogoh. The parade is accompanied by gamelan (balinese traditional music). Pengerupukan day is worth a shot because it only happens once in a year.
  1. Galungan Day. Have you ever seen a tall decorated bamboo along the way? Yes, it’s called penjor that appears every Galungan Day. Galungan Day is a symbolic day of victory of good over evil. The symbol of penjor established every Galungan Day means welfare and prosperity. The standing penjor along the way is a perfect composition for your next shot. You have to prepare your camera first to get this rare event because Galungan Day is held twice a year. 
  1. Mepeed is marching side by side for hundreds of meters in traditional Balinese clothes, usually they are mothers who carry banten gebogan, namely a series of fruits, snacks, coconut leaves as a means of religious ceremonies arranged in stages. But Mepeed in Sukawati is followed by all groups, men or women from children to the elderly, wearing traditional clothes, Payas Agung

Bali is an island that is thick with natural beauty and culture that fuses into one. The collaboration of those aspects attract people to capture and momentum the moment. Save your worries if you can’t visit Bali physically, SNXP Studioprovides a great shot of photo or video. We welcome your request for a great shot!