Guide to Drones in Bali: Understanding Laws, Regulations, and Options for Renting & Buying

Welcome to Bali, the island of gods, stunning beaches, and breathtaking landscapes! If you’re a drone enthusiast planning to capture these scenic views from above, there’s a lot you need to know before your drone’s propellers start spinning.

Bali isn’t just a tropical paradise; it’s also a hotspot for aerial photography. However, flying a drone here isn’t as simple as unpacking and taking off. There are specific laws and regulations set by the Indonesian government and local authorities that you must adhere to. Why? Because safety, privacy, and security are crucial, especially in tourist-heavy areas like Bali.

First things first, let’s talk about the legalities. In Indonesia, drone operation is governed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. They have a set of rules that you must follow to fly your drone legally. This includes registering your drone, understanding where you can and cannot fly, and being mindful of local customs and privacy concerns. For the most current regulations, it’s always best to check the official Directorate General of Civil Aviation website.

But don’t let the regulations dampen your spirit! Once you’re familiar with the rules, flying a drone in Bali can be an exhilarating experience. Imagine capturing the majestic Mount Agung at sunrise or the serene beaches of Uluwatu from a bird’s-eye view. Just make sure you’re doing it responsibly and legally.

In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into the specifics of Bali’s drone laws, how to bring your drone into the country, and the options for renting or buying a drone locally. So, stay tuned and get ready to explore Bali from a whole new perspective!

Understanding Bali's Drone Laws and Regulations

Based on UAVCoach and understanding of the regulations, here are the key rules you should be aware of when operating a drone in Indonesia:

  • Drones must not exceed a height of 150 meters (492 feet) without explicit permission.
  • The maximum weight for drones is capped at 7 kilograms (15.4 pounds).
  • Drones are prohibited within a 15-kilometer (9.32-mile) radius of any airport.
  • It is forbidden to fly drones over crowded or densely populated areas.
  • Nighttime drone flights are not allowed.
  • Operating drones from any moving vehicle is not permitted.
  • Drone operators are required to keep their drones in sight at all times.
  • Violating these rules can lead to severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines up to 66,000 Euros.


For additional details on drone regulations in Indonesia, refer to this official 2016 document and this travel guide for bringing drones to Indonesia from Bali Drone Production.”

Transporting Drone to Indonesia

Traveling to Indonesia with a drone involves understanding and complying with specific regulations to ensure a hassle-free journey. As drone popularity surges, it’s essential to be aware of both Indonesian drone laws and airline policies regarding drone transportation. This section aims to guide you through the key aspects of legally and safely bringing your drone to Indonesia.

Transporting Drones on Planes:

  • Ensure the drone is turned off and properly packed, preferably in a specialized carrying case.
  • Smaller or foldable drones may be carried in hand luggage, while larger drones might need to be checked in or sent as special freight.
  • Due to restrictions on lithium-ion batteries in cargo compartments, some airlines require drones to be packed in carry-on luggage​​.

Battery Regulations:

  • Lithium-ion/polymer batteries should be kept in carry-on luggage.
  • Stay within the airline’s watt-hour (Wh) limit for the batteries. Most consumer drone batteries are under 100 Wh and are generally accepted on most flights.
  • For batteries over 100 Wh but less than 160 Wh, airline approval is required, and no more than two spare batteries are allowed.
  • Spare lithium-ion batteries are prohibited in checked baggage.
  • All batteries must be protected against puncture and short circuit​​.

Specific Airline Policies:

  • It’s crucial to check with specific airlines for their drone transportation policies as they may vary.
  • This includes rules for packing drones and batteries in either checked or carry-on luggage​​.

From our experience, we’ve never encountered issues bringing drones, such as the DJI Mavic series, on airplanes and ships, especially when carried as hand luggage. However, it’s crucial always to confirm with your airlines, local authorities, and Indonesian authorities to ensure a smooth experience. This proactive approach will help avoid any complications and ensure that your drone journey to Indonesia is smooth and compliant.

Buying and Renting Drones in Bali

When planning to use a drone in Bali, whether for recreational or professional purposes, you have the option to either buy or rent a drone. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Renting a Drone in Bali

  • Why Rent?: Renting a drone is a convenient option for those who do not want to invest in a drone or need one for a short period. It’s especially useful if you want to avoid the hassles of transporting a drone on your travels. 

  • Available Options

  • Required Documents: To rent a drone, you’ll need to provide specific documents:

    • For Indonesian citizens: Identity card (KTP), family card (Kartu keluarga), proof of activity, and a Drone Operator license.
    • For foreigners: Passport, return flight ticket information, proof of stay (hotel/villa booking), and a Drone Operator license (if any)​​.
  • Insurance and Other Requirements: Renters are required to show a drone operator license, and for professional gear like the Inspire 2, a warranty deposit, insurance contract, and proof of drone flight experience are required. Insurance is not included in the rental price, and public liability insurance is highly recommended for professional use​​.

  • Equipment for Commercial Operations: The rental program also caters to commercial operations, offering equipment ranging from a single Phantom 4 Pro to a complex Inspire 2 bundle​​.

Buying a Drone in Bali

  1. Retail Options: For those looking to purchase a drone, several stores in Bali sell drones:

    • TutBayur Store, Jalan Pasekan No. 54 Batubulan.
    • Jagojet, Jalan Patih Jelantik Blok PM 1 No.9, Kuta.
    • WellcomeShop, Transmart Carrefour Lt. 2 Unit 19, Jalan Sunset Road, Denpasar.
    • Ibox, Dauh Puri Kauh, Denpasar​​.
  2. Repair Services: In case of drone malfunctions or damages, there are repair services available in Bali. Notable repair centers include:

    • Balicopter, Jalan Padang Tawang No.40 Canggu.
    • DJI Repair Bali (Home Solutions Bld.), Jalan Sunset Road No. 12, Legian, Kuta​​.

In conclusion, whether you choose to rent or buy a drone in Bali, there are reliable options available. Renting can be an efficient choice for short-term needs or to avoid travel complications, while buying a drone offers a more permanent solution. Always ensure you comply with local drone laws and regulations when operating a drone in Bali.

Hiring a Local Drone Pilot in Bali

If you’re in need of professional aerial footage or prefer not to operate a drone yourself, SNXP Studio offers the perfect solution with our professional drone pilot services. Additionally, we recommend exploring local Facebook groups for a broader range of options and community insights. Here’s how you can proceed with these two avenues:

1. SNXP Studio

As a production house in Bali, SNXP Studio prides itself on providing high-quality, professional drone services. Our team of skilled drone pilots is equipped to deliver exceptional aerial footage for various project needs. Here’s how to engage with us:

  • Direct Contact: Reach out to us directly through our website or contact information. We are ready to discuss your project and understand your specific requirements.
  • Tailored Solutions: Based on your project details, we will offer tailored drone service solutions, ensuring that your specific needs for quality and style are met.
  • Project Discussion: Our team will work closely with you to finalize the project details, including locations, duration, and specific footage requirements.
  • Agreement and Execution: Once terms are agreed upon, our expert drone pilots will execute the project with the highest level of professionalism and skill, ensuring stunning aerial footage.

2. Facebook Groups

For those looking to explore more options or seek community recommendations, Facebook groups dedicated to drone enthusiasts in Bali can be a valuable resource.

  • Join and Engage in Groups: Explore groups like “Bali Drone Pilots” or “Bali Photography and Videography” on Facebook to connect with a community of local drone pilots.
  • Post Your Project Needs: Share your project requirements in these groups to get responses from various pilots with different skill levels and offerings.
  • Evaluate Responses: Assess the responses and portfolios of interested pilots to determine their suitability for your project.
  • Direct Communication: Engage directly with shortlisted pilots to discuss project specifics, rates, and confirm their understanding of local drone regulations.


In summary, SNXP Studio offers professional and reliable drone pilot services for those looking for top-notch aerial footage in Bali. Additionally, leveraging the local drone community on Facebook can provide a broader perspective and more options. Whatever your choice, ensure that it aligns with your project’s goals and complies with the local drone operating laws and regulations.

Conclusion: Navigating the World of Drones in Bali

In summary, Bali offers a rich and varied landscape for drone enthusiasts, whether you’re looking to transport, rent, buy, or hire professional drone services. Each aspect, from adhering to regulations during transportation to choosing the right avenue for renting or purchasing drones, plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable drone experience in Bali.

At SNXP Studio, we are committed to providing high-quality drone services, meeting the needs of those requiring professional aerial footage. We understand the intricacies of local regulations and the importance of skillful operation to capture the beauty of Bali from above.

For those exploring the FPV (First-Person View) drone flying, it’s essential to note that while the regulations are similar to standard drones, extra caution is needed when flying in public spaces. The immersive experience of FPV flying can be thrilling, but it also demands heightened awareness of surroundings and strict adherence to safety and privacy norms.

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or a newcomer to the world of drones, Bali presents a fantastic opportunity to explore and capture its scenic beauty. We encourage all drone users to respect local regulations, prioritize safety, and embrace responsible flying practices. By doing so, you contribute to a positive and sustainable drone-flying environment in this beautiful island paradise.