How We Produce an Instagram Ad Video for a Local Clinic

Aza Medika is the most comprehensive clinic in Makassar, South Sulawesi. It provides a wide array of services, such as antigen/PCR test, modern circumcision, health consultation, vitamin-C injection, laboratory medical check-up, dental care, and prescription. The clinic has been a preferred choice among the locals for check-up, vaccination, therapy, healing, and treatment. 

Aza Medika implements a regular marketing program to maintain awareness and to advertise its services. This time, it would like to promote its new services: consultation about medication via messaging and home visit. There was no clinic then offering such remote medical services in Makassar, so this is a real breakthrough for Aza Medika. To achieve this, Aza Medika approached us, SNXP Studio.


At this time, medical consultation via messaging apps is still relatively new in the city. Seeking medical advice without being able to see the doctor is a thing that most people feel uncomfortable with. They feel as if there were something missing. However, Aza Medica is confident that the root of this reluctance lies in the fact that the public has not been properly educated. Hence, it is an honor for SNXP Studio to assist in filling out what is missing.


We started by making an outline of what strategy that would be employed, and making choices that were high impact. We make a comprehensive analysis of all scenarios, including their goals. Once it’s all clear, next we brainstorm the approach we would take with the marketing. We performed research on the health industry and its target markets. We concluded that we would focus on Instagram as this channel earns the highest engagement rate among all other social media accounts it has. We identified that a major portion of the clinic’s target market is middle-aged groups and senior citizens. Responding to this finding, we concentrate on simple visuals over texts for an easier delivery of the content message.


We decided to start off with good social media management, creating content with the aim of educating the public on the awareness and the importance of health. Afterwards, we set up an advertising campaign on a number of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google, utilizing our proven strategies that we have implemented to a host of brands and agencies, not only in Indonesia, but also overseas such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. It took only 2 months for us to make its dream come true. Supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals, we managed to assist Aza Medica in the increase of its revenue by 30% in 2 months. Aza Medica is now a well-known clinic in the city, dominating a substantial portion of the market share in the industry.