Isyana Sarasvati has been making significant strides in her career recently, broadening her musical horizons and venturing into new projects. After six years with Sony Music Indonesia, she founded her own label, REDROSE RECORDS, in October 2020. This move allowed her greater creative freedom and led to the release of her fourth album, “ISYANA,” in 2023 under her label, showcasing her evolution into multi-genre music, including pop, R&B, neo-classical, and progressive rock​​.

Moreover, Isyana‘s engagement with digital innovation is evident in her release of the “My Mystery NFT” in October 2022, marking her foray into the NFT space. Her active involvement in the music scene continues with her performance at the Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia in Singapore in December 2023, where she showcased her talents on the grand piano with her original songs “IL SOGNO” and “Unlock the Key,” underscoring her status as a multi-talented artist and innovator in the music industry

Isyana Sarasvati ISYANA Album Cover.
Isyana Sarasvati LEXICON album cover
Isyana Sarasvati ISYANA Key Visual
Isyana Sarasvati ISYANA Key Visual at Profile Shot
Isyana Sarasvati ISYANA Vinyl Pack
Isyana Sarasvati ISYANA Key Visual Medium Shot