Must Know These 5 Easy and Creative Photography Hacks!

In the photography field, photographers always produce fabulous and amazing results. Probably, many people presumed they use editing applications and have expert editing skills. Something some people don’t know is they have many material hacks to support unique and maximum results. Below, SNXP Studio tells the truth of photography hacks that are useful for maximizing your photography. 

1.) Soft Focus Effect with Tights

Rubber band and a pair of tights are effective photography props that will help you create an amazing soft-focus effect. You can use black or nude tights and cover the camera lens with them. Then use a rubber band to attach the tights to your lens.

2.) Bokeh Backdrop with Foil

Go to your kitchen and take a piece of foil to make an engaging background. It is possible to use either silver kitchen foil or wrapping paper to create an unusual texture while crumpling it. You can place it as a background around 7 feet away from your subject. Use a light source of a different color and direct it to the backdrop in order to change the color of the bokeh. You can go even more creative by positioning a mirror under the subject to produce a reflection effect.

3.) Use Magnifying Glass to Imitate Macro Lens

This is one of the most money-saving macro photography hacks that allow you to replace a lens or camera for macro photography. Take your photography skills to creative heights with a variety of macro photography ideas such as using a magnifying glass to take close-ups. To add a special touch to your photo, you can incorporate the magnifying glass into the frame.

4.) Blank CD Case As a Lens Rain Cover

Who uses CDs anymore, right? The cases seem to be useless once you stop using them for storing CDs. But they are made of strong plastic. And that makes a durable rain guard for your lenses and camera. For this hack, you’ll only need a CD case, polythene, an easy-to-tear gaffer tape, a ruler, a pair of compasses, and a sharp craft knife. If you like shooting outside, you definitely have to try this idea before investing in an expensive rain guard!

5.) Liquid Photography with Paint in Water Technique

If you drop paint into the water, their mixture can create amazing smoke-like effects. You can use this idea creatively, and tweak the composition by adding different objects. You’ll see, it’s really not as hard as it seems!

Hopefully, by SNXP Studio recommendation you will become more expert in creating creative ideas for a unique result. If you don’t, you can contact us directly to discuss your request!