Short-form Video: Ultimate Guide to Create Compelling Content to Boost Your Business

Ryan Syach

Ryan Syach

Executive Producer at SNXP Studio

Short-form video is a type of video that’s currently really popular. It captures life moments in just a few seconds to a few minutes. These videos are made to match what users like, making them really enjoyable and addictive to watch.

Now, you can see many videos like this on popular platform such as Tiktok or Instagram. No wonder, many companies now are using short videos for their ads. The reason is clear, with short video content, it is much easier for you to reach your audience.


5 Tips and Best Short-Form Video Strategy

Indeed, as a content creator, creating short video content is something you have to do creatively. It is not easy to make the content you create to reach your target audience.

In order to create short-form video content that can reach the desired target audience, you truly need a short-form video strategy. Well, here are 5 best short form video strategies for you.


1. Using Hashtags in Short Video Content

When you want to post a short-form video on a digital platform, to make it reach your target audience easily, make sure to include hashtags that are currently viral.

The hashtags you choose to use will greatly influence the short-form video content you create to reach the target audience you want.

However, even though the use of hashtags will influence the short-form video you make, you also need to know that you don’t want to use hashtags too excessively, they still have to be adapted to the video you upload.

Hashtags are often being used for branding, and it also benefit social media users. Using hashtag will make it easier for everyone to find posts and simplify users to find searches. Not only that, it also facilitates product promotions well by reaching a wider consumer base. On some cases, using appropriate hashtags will let you gain more followers/likes.


2. Use Audio that is Currently Viral

So that you can increase the chances that the short video you make can go viral or even reach more people, one of the basic rules that can help you achieve this is to use audio that is currently viral, or that is most frequently used.

To help you find audio that is currently being used, you just have to look at the viral content and then click on the audio section that is being used. You can save the audio so that later you can attach it to the video content that you will create.

When you use audio that is already used by many people, there is a very big possibility that your short-form video can reach more people.


With trends popping up every day on the timeline, it can bring fresh ideas daily. So, for you entrepreneurs, it’s totally possible to create content and join the existing trends.

However, it’s important to sift through which trends align with your brand values. Also, don’t forget to incorporate branding into each piece of content you create. That way, even if the idea originates from a trend, you can still highlight the uniqueness of your brand!

So that your short video content can reach more people, you can take advantage of situations like this to give your content a greater chance of being watched by more people. Indeed, video trends will change over time, so you have to know the right moment to create your short-form video.

If you are successful in seeing opportunities and taking advantage of trends like this, then it is very likely that the short-form video content that you create can go viral.


4. Make Unique Videos

Before you share your short video online, making it really unique can help more people see it and even make it go viral. To do this, focus on creating a short video that’s interesting and well-made. That way, more people will want to watch and share it.

So that you can make videos that have good quality, you also need to pay attention to several important points that must be in them, here are the points that you must pay attention to, including:

– Storytelling

Instead of just presenting information, make it seem like you’re telling a story. This is because stories can build emotional connections with the audience. Moreover, an engaging storyline that is unpredictable can make it easier for the audience to remember, thus increasing brand awareness and user engagement.

– Focus on First 10 Seconds

Although more and more people enjoy watching videos, the reality is that on average they only watch the first 10 to 20 seconds.

You can say that the first 10 seconds are the key to whether the video is engaging or not. Therefore, in the video production planning, make sure to pay more attention to the first 10 seconds to create a scene that may relate to everyday life or memorable moments.

– Show Your Company Brand

In video marketing, don’t forget to showcase the brand identity of the product. Display various advantages, uniqueness, and brand culture that are worth highlighting. Make sure the highlighted aspects are different from other similar brands.

– Create Videos from the Consumer’s Perspective

Creating videos about a brand’s product is important, but don’t forget the role of consumers or customers in making a business grow. One form of appreciation that can be given to customers is to make them the subject of video marketing.

When customers are featured in the video, they will feel proud and share the video content with friends and family. Thus, the brand gains high exposure and engagement.

– Video Duration

Depending on where the video will be published, generally, each online video platform and social media have set their own duration for uploaded videos.

Focus on one platform as the basis for video marketing publication and adjust the duration of the video accordingly. Actually, the shorter the duration, the better, considering that people’s attention in watching is only within the first 10 seconds. However, it depends on the concept and theme of the video you want to present.

Aside from some tips above, here are some additional tips to create unique and quality short-form video.

– Camera

The camera you use to create video content must have good quality so that the resulting video will also look clear. The cameras that you can use, of course, vary from DSLR cameras to mirrorless, or even high-quality cellphone cameras.

– Video Editing Application

You are also required to use an application or software to edit videos. Make sure, that you only use video editing applications or software that you have mastered well so that you can carry out the short-form video editing process more easily.

– Voice

In this section, you as a content creator must be able to determine good and high-quality audio. This will serve to ensure that people who are watching your short-form video can listen well to your clear audio quality. Additionally, by choosing addictive short-form video music or audio, people will come back to watch the videos you have made.


5. Upload Videos at Specific Hours

Apart from creating good Short-form video content and also using hashtags, you have to pay attention to the time you post the video. According to, there are busy times during which activity on social media spikes very high.

There is also the best time to post the videos you make, from Tuesday to Thursday. The hours themselves are usually from morning, afternoon, evening until late evening, and 9 until midnight.


Videos with short duration tend to be preferred by many people nowadays. Videos with a duration of 15 to 30 seconds get more views than videos with a long duration.

Short-form video content is considered more comfortable for viewers because it doesn’t take long. Apart from that, if done well, this type of video can make people addicted, either because of the audio used or even the video content itself.

Having better performance, making short-form videos tends to be easier to attract viewers. Of course, for those of you who want to increase the number of viewers for your content, this is a pretty good choice, because it has the potential to make your content reach your target audience.

The following are several factors that make the short video format very popular and liked by many viewers and also well-known among content creators.


– Easy to watch and Easy to Share

According to, it is stated that short videos have a big chance to go viral because they’re easy to share.

When something’s short and catchy, people are more likely to share it because it doesn’t take much time or effort. This means the video can quickly spread to lots of people and become popular fast.

Some reports also stated that people are now sharing videos twice as often as sharing content in other forms.


– Can be Accessed on Any Device from a Smartphone to a Computer

What is also an advantage is that you can easily access it from any device, so you don’t just focus on one device. So, of course, this makes sharing content easy because it supports cross-operation systems.


– Can be Produced in a Cheap and Easy Way

As long as you are someone who has a smartphone with a camera, it will be very easy for you to create short-form video content.


– Free to Access

You can upload the video content that you have created to any platform, and of course, this part will make your content have a larger audience, because your content can be accessed from any platform for free.


– Prioritized Based on a Very Top Social Network Algorithms

Because they have different algorithms, this will make it a top priority for those who are content creators.


– An Increasingly Preferred Format to Learn About New Things

According to, there is a study that states that as many as 73% of people prefer watching short videos, because it is easier to learn something new, and it is easier for viewers to get information about products and services.



Why Are Short Videos Important for Your Brand?

Several things make short-form videos very important. Whether it’s for self-branding purposes from content creators, companies, or other things. Here are the things that make short videos so important.


1. Attract Attention

Videos with a short duration are very suitable for attracting the attention of many viewers. Short videos are much easier to watch, and can also help in producing extraordinary results in just a very short period.

When social media users are surfing their social media feeds, users will tend to watch the videos they find, and this will make them stop scrolling. This will be in stark contrast to content that contains long articles or reading post captions. In this way, making short-form video is a very good way to help attract attention.


2. Help to Increased Engagement

With videos that are quite short, they will often have a much higher level of engagement when compared to other types of content. Short videos can help you increase engagement with viewers who like your content, so this will increase brand awareness and also sales.

Users are more likely to like, comment, and even share short videos when compared to long content. This happens because this type of short-form video is much easier to watch and also to share.


3. Minimizing the Production Costs

With short-form video, the duration of the video will be short, this will of course save much on production costs, especially in creating content.

Just by using a smartphone and also using some basic editing skills, you will have the ability to create interesting videos, which can then be easily shared on various platforms. This means that, even with a small effort and using a limited budget, you can create good, high-quality video content, which of course will help your short video content reach a much wider audience.


4. Easy to Reuse

Videos with a short duration are very easy to reuse, especially on other platforms. So, by just making one video, you can use that content on the various social media platforms you use, without having to create new content from scratch.



How to Use Short Videos in Your Social Media Strategy

Short-form video can also be used as something that can help you market something. The best strategy for making the products you are currently selling reach a wider audience is to use short videos, so how do you use them? The following is a brief explanation for you.


1. Show Off the Products or Services You Have

Short videos are an incredibly good way, especially to help in showing off the products or even services you have.

You can finally create a short clip that shows how the product you are selling works, or can even highlight the features it has. This will open a door that can help increase brand awareness and sales because users will be much more inclined to buy the product after they see it in person.


2. Behind-the-Scenes Content 

Indeed, with short-form video, it’s great to share behind-the-scenes content as well. You can then show your audience what goes on behind the doors during production. This will give them a much more in-depth picture of your business. This will also help in building trust and will also increase brand loyalty because, in the end, users will feel like they are part of your team.


3. Creating Tutorial and Instructional Content

Short-form video is very ideal for being video tutorials and instructions. You can create short video content that can help your audience understand how to use the products you have or make them understand more about the services you provide.

By providing tutorials like this, it means you have succeeded in helping your audience solve common problems they have. This can certainly help to position your brand as a highly skilled expert in your field, and will ultimately increase customer loyalty.


4. Humor and Entertainment

Short Videos are very suitable for creating content that is funny and entertaining. Of course, you can create short skit content or you can also create a comedy clip, which can make the audience laugh. This will help them to increase awareness and engagement of a brand because users will be more likely to share funny content with their friends.



Comparison of Short Videos and Long Videos

The following are some of the advantages that short-form videos have when we compare them to other types of content. For those of you who are curious, here is a brief comparison that we can provide for you.


Short Duration VideosLong Duration Videos
Has the ability to reach the audience much more easily. Videos with a short duration are also very easy to provide information to users, so of course they will be much more efficient in conveying something when compared to videos with a long duration.Less effective in reaching the wider public. Apart from that, using videos with a long duration nowadays also makes many people feel bored and in the end, it becomes a very inefficient way of providing information.
It doesn’t take long to make a video with a short duration, so it won’t take you long to create one piece of content. Even just in one day you can create several contents at once.It requires quite a long process and takes a very long time. The production process cannot only be done once. Sometimes it will take several days just to create one piece of content.
It’s easier for users to share, and gives your content the advantage of being able to move more quickly when compared to long-form content.Sharing long-form content sometimes doesn’t produce results, because nowadays people would much prefer to watch short-form video content, which is considered much more effective.
It won’t cost much during production. Apart from not taking up a lot of time, videos with a short duration will also not cost a lot, because production will be much more minimized and will be more effective in processing.In terms of costs, the production costs for long-duration content will still be much more expensive, if we compare it with short-duration content.



Obstacles that may be Encountered when Creating Short Video Content

There may be some content creators who ultimately discover that there are several obstacles that occur as a result of making short-form video. These obstacles are quite annoying, especially for content creators. The following are some of the problems that usually occur when creating video content of short duration.


1. Running out of Ideas

This is one of the obstacles that often occurs to various content creators. Running out of ideas will make them stuck on something which can ultimately lead to stress for the content creator himself.

If you experience this, one way to overcome this is by adding references. It can be from reading books or also from watching other people’s content. Remember, only use this as a reference, not to copy something similar. It is important for you to always observe, imitate, and modify.


2. Talent

One of the obstacles that is quite complicated for many content creators is that they lack talent. Sometimes content needs something fresh and one thing that can make the content fresher is presenting new faces.


3. Lack of Aesthetical Feel

Don’t believe, that up to now there are still a lot of people who create video content just by taking videos, without thinking about the background or the situation in that place, so this will produce bad content and of course, it will make viewers less interested in watching the content you have created.


4. Audio Constraints

Not all short-form video content creators have adequate tools, which is why one of the problems that often arises is that the audio quality is not good and sometimes even unclear. This usually happens to content creators who have just started their career as a content creator. The solution to this is to upgrade your audio recording devices.



Things to Pay Attention to when Making Short Videos

Many people now think that making short videos is something that can be easily done. Of course, people assume that you just need to turn on the camera and then just start recording. Sadly, the truth is it is easier said than done.

To be able to make a good quality video, you need important things, which will be one of the x factors that can make the video look better. Several content creators think that by paying attention to these five important things, you can create short-form video content with better quality.


1. Video Quality

Indeed, if we position ourselves as spectators, we want to see something that is pleasing and comfortable for the eyes to look at. For this reason, the quality of the video itself must be paid very close attention to. Make good camera settings and good lighting and of course, you also need to pay attention to the conditions around you, such as the weather and also the conditions of the location where you are recording the video.

Of course, good light settings and appropriate camera settings will enable you to produce very good and high-quality videos and images, thus resulting in an interesting short-form video content.


2. Audio

Apart from you also having to pay attention to the visuals of the video you make, you also have to pay attention to the audio aspect. You need to know that the audio factor in a video itself will have a big influence in providing comfort to the people who watch your video.

Therefore, creating video content with good audio will make your viewers feel much more comfortable and of course, watching a video with good audio and visual quality will make many people watch your video until the end.


3. Music

Music is one factor that can make anything more dramatic and more aesthetic. For this reason, you also have to pay close attention to the choice of music that will be used in the video content you create.

However, you also need to know that music itself can be a double-edged sword because when the music you choose matches the video or content you are making, it will result in an extraordinarily good video.

In contrast, everything will be different if you choose the wrong music for your video.


4. Visual Effects

Although it is optional, visual effects are still play a crucial role in making quality short-form video. Things like this can be added to the videos you make, or they may not need to be added, it depends on the needs of your video.

So, using visual effects just needs to be adjusted to your needs, because if you force using visual effects It will detract from the visual appeal of your content and create a mismatch with the theme you intend to promote later on.


5. Goals

Goals are the most important thing in creating content. When creating video content, of course, you have to know the clear purpose of the content you create. You surely want your content leave an impression on the audience right?


Important Basics to Do Before Creating Content

When you’re making a video to share with others, it’s really important to plan everything carefully. If you don’t, your video might end up being a waste of time, energy, and money. That’s why it’s crucial to follow these steps when creating your video content.


1. Doing Initial Research

This is a crucial thing you need to do before creating content. Research is carried out so that the content you create can be right on target and suit the target audience you want.

The research itself can be done simply, just by looking for information on the internet, or if you want to do something more in-depth, you can do much more detailed research such as researching for keyword, trends, analytics, and even analyzing competitor’s content.


2. Prepare the Equipment that will be Used

As someone who will create content, of course, preparing the equipment that will be used is something important to do. Equipment such as cameras, lighting, and tripods are very basic things that must be prepared carefully so that you can create content more easily and with greater preparation.


3. Conduct Field Research

After you have done the previous research, which of course you can do from home or anywhere, you now need to do field research.

Field research is carried out so that you know what the location you want to use as a place to create content is like. This is important to do because so that you can create good content, you have to pay attention to the place where you will create the content.


4. Create a Flow of Your Content

The next basic step that you must also pay attention to carefully, especially when you create content is to create a flow of your content. If you create comedy content, then you have to find the right tone to open and close the comedy that you will give to the audience. This is important because the flow will be a plus for the content you create.


5. Get to Know the Basic Editing Process

For those of you who want to create content, you need to pay attention that in making a video, the final process is the editing process. In this process, you will choose which scenes will be included and which won’t, and make the video as short as possible so it doesn’t take up too much time. The editing process itself must be done very carefully because this will be the final result of the work you do before you publish the content you create.

What is the basis of the editing process? Here are the basics of the editing process.

  • Selection of the Scene to be Used

Is one of the basics of the editing process that must be carried out by an editor, to make the content much more relevant.

  • Choosing the Music to be Used

Is a fundamental part of the editing process that must also be paid attention to because music will have a huge influence on the final result of the video content you create.

  • Understand how to Use the Editing Software Properly.

To make the editing process easier, of course, an editor must understand how to use software for editing, because this will make it easier to edit videos later.


These are some basic things that you need to pay close attention to, especially when you want to create short-form video content.

Short videos work better in today’s world because they give information quickly, meeting people’s need for something informative but not too long. That’s why it’s important to think about these things before making your own videos.

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