Work From Bali, New Work Culture Trend

What are the advantages of working from Bali? Bali has its own cultural and beautiful places so that many outsiders want to stay, even settle in Bali. Bali is the dream of many, to pack bags, and come to Bali in order to leave behind the old life. A dream that thousands of self-employed digital […]

Bali Hidden Beaches for Upgrading Your Photo!

When you want to visit Bali, the most-visited place is actually a beach. Some favorite beaches are Kuta Beach and Seminyak Beach, a place to see the sunset properly. There are also many recommended restaurants and bars that make your holiday more enjoyable. Even so, there are a lot of people who take a photo or video of the sunset view there, for personal or business purposes. If you wanna see and feel an anti-mainstream view of Bali’s beaches, come to places below that are included in the list of hidden and secret beaches. 

7 Bali’s Places for Your Video or Photo Shoot

Too many beautiful places in Bali probably makes some people confused. There are many places such as beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and sunset or sunrise points. Below, will be explained most-listed Bali’s places for your video or photoshoot. Tianyar Savanna is one of the best sunrise points in East Bali. You can feel the fresh air […]

Bali’s Ceremonies for Your Shot Reference! 

Bali island, who doesn’t know about this island? Even when we ask tourists, Bali is more famous than Indonesia. With the collaboration of nature and culture, it makes Bali become the most visited destination since tourists visit keep increasing year by year. Although, after the pandemic situation Bali still has to recover from the lockdown that makes Bali’s tourism drop for a while. Pandemic effects truly impact all aspects of life such as economic, tourism, and environment. At that time, Bali’s tourism just took a break for a while after a long destination visited by tourists. Today, Bali has recovered. A lot of tourists visit Bali and the best-sunset view beaches around Kuta and Canggu become more crowded. Many tourists probably focus on exploring Bali’s nature, whereas Bali has several ceremonies that can inspire your shoot.