7 Bali’s Places for Your Video or Photo Shoot

Too many beautiful places in Bali probably makes some people confused. There are many places such as beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and sunset or sunrise points. Below, will be explained most-listed Bali’s places for your video or photoshoot. Tianyar Savanna is one of the best sunrise points in East Bali. You can feel the fresh air […]

Choose The Best Shot Place by These Tips

Place has an important role in producing a great photo or video shoot result. Whether you are shooting a short film, a commercial, a scene for a TV series or need a location for a photo shoot, finding the perfect place can just be half the battle. Film shoots need resources, people, great facilities and a professional venue with a ‘can-do’ attitude. So here are a few of the most important factors to keep in mind.

Three Elements to Improve Your Photography as Beginners

A good result of photography is the most needed things nowadays, especially in building a business that needs a great photograph and visuals to interact with more people. Photography is not easy as seen, as photographers we have to pay attention to small things to create a new photo angle. Maybe, there are many usual things around us that we look into and say “it’s just an ordinary thing”, but when it becomes a photography result, you can see the difference in sight. This is a skill that every photographer needs, to build a story even if it’s just an ordinary thing or place. Furthermore,to produce a good quality of photo we as beginners need to pay attention to the basic elements of photography.