Three Elements to Improve Your Photography as Beginners

A good result of photography is the most needed things nowadays, especially in building a business that needs a great photograph and visuals to interact with more people. Photography is not easy as seen, as photographers we have to pay attention to small things to create a new photo angle. Maybe, there are many usual things around us that we look into and say “it’s just an ordinary thing”, but when it becomes a photography result, you can see the difference in sight. This is a skill that every photographer needs, to build a story even if it’s just an ordinary thing or place. Furthermore,to produce a good quality of photo we as beginners need to pay attention to the basic elements of photography. 

  1. Lightning. Every single time you wanna take a picture, lightning is a must. Without lightning, automatically you can’t do anything to your photography. The quality of lighting will impact how the result of your photograph is. You’ve probably seen photos with beautiful light – photos which otherwise would have been somewhat ordinary. What is it about light that makes it so important to the ultimate quality of your photos? The character. At its simplest, light is emotion. The feel of your photograph will be vastly different depending upon the lighting conditions: harsh light, gentle light, warm light, cool light, and anything in between. Each type conveys a different emotional message, changing around the character of your final image. So, choose your suitable lighting for your photograph theme. 
  1. Subject. The reason behind shooting something is because something caught our eyes. A powerful documentary photo because of what it shows us and how it shows – but most people won’t notice the “how.” That’s because a good subject can captivate your viewers, and the other parts of an image – including crucial elements, even light – are allowed to fade into the background. So, when you’re choosing the right subject for a photograph, you need to be thinking ahead. How would the ideal photo of this subject look, and how can you get to that point? Visualize the final result, and do everything you can to make it a reality.
  1. Composition. Composition is, quite simply, the arrangement of the items in your photograph. It encompasses your camera position, the relationships between the elements of a photo, and the subjects that you emphasize, deemphasize, or exclude completely. Composition is how you tell your “something” story. A “good” composition is one that tells your story effectively, without any distractions or confusion. Composition is the stage of the game where you ask yourself “how.” How can you convey the beauty, excitement, darkness, intensity, softness, or any other emotion of a scene as perfectly as possible? How can you arrange the elements of your photo to make the image successful? A good composition emphasizes the parts of a photo that are the most important, while downplaying anything that takes away from the image.

If you become a master of those three elements, trust us, the result will never disappoint. you will have mastered perhaps the most important part of photography: figuring out how to convey your emotional message. Here, SNXP Studio provides photographers and videographers of those elements involved for making your shoot better.