man sitting on chair in front of condenser microphone doing video call to action

Video Call To Action Example That Would Get Instant Click

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CTA or ‘Call-to-Action’ can be one of the effective ways to support high conversion especially if it is a video Call To Action. With it, you can encourage your audience to take action on your business video. There are various types of CTA videos, be it calls to subscribe, share videos, buy products, and so on.

So, what is an example of a good CTA video? You can find out in the following article.

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About Video Call To Action

man sitting on chair in front of condenser microphone doing video call to action

CTA videos are engaging video content that invites viewers to take certain actions, often immediately. This content can provide direction for customers, they can easily know what to do next and how to do it. You might be more familiar with videos that invite you to make a purchase.

But a CTA video is not just about that, it’s also about subscribing, getting the audience to understand the content, or signing up. The message in this video content should be crystal clear. Ambiguity is something to avoid in CTA videos.

If you create a strong one, then you can get customers effectively. With well-built video Call To Action, you can convert audience into leads.

Types of CTA Videos

Incorporating video CTAs into your marketing strategy will increase conversion rates. Marketers mainly use three types of video CTAs including; Verbal CTAs, Button CTAs and Text CTAs to engage their audience.

Verbal: This is the CTA that uses a voice-over in the video. With its spokesperson, viewers can be directed to take a certain action. This method can get effective results if the voice-over aligns well with what the viewer needs.

On-Screen Text: Aside from verbal, on-screen text is more common. This type has an instructional display that highlights various details to encourage immediate decision-making.

Buttons: You may also find CTA buttons. These are interactive elements that can guide the audience into direct engagement.

Video Call To Action Examples To Get Instant Click

You can get inspiration or ideas from many video Call To Action example on the internet. Take a look at some of the CTA video examples below:

1. Century 21 Real Estate CTA Video

CENTURY 21® | Here's To Those Who Deliver The Extraordinary #realestate

CTA video from a real estate agent can be the best example for you to embed CTA text. Century 21 made a video with animated text, and there is a lot of important information in it. What’s interesting about this video is that it is embedded with joyful music that is comfortable to listen to.

In the video, there is a promising answer to the potential audience problem and provides ‘Contact Me Immediately’ as the CTA. By using ‘Today’, the details can emphasize urgency very well. So the audience is invited not to think long to contact the agent immediately. CTA videos like this can be the best consideration for landing pages and email marketing.

2. Healthway Medical in Recruiting Health Workers

Healthway Medical Corporate Video

Healthway has an excellent video that not only provides useful information but also a simple call to action. This light-hearted video gives a thorough explanation of their quality services and also sheds light on the often unprofessional hiring process.

Recruitment of healthcare workers should be done as professionally as possible because this is a very important field. The video explains that the company focuses very well on recruiting medical specialists. Then at the end of the video, there are details about how to download the app to learn more about their services.

3. GoPro

GoPro: Our Story So Far | 20 Years of Capture, Innovation, + Community

GoPro is one of the most well-known companies in the camera industry. They show which of their products can be used optimally to create amazing movies. It’s not a CTA that directly intends to show what the company wants.

Their video shows a short simple clip that lets viewers know the capabilities of their latest camera. In this video Call To Action, there are components such as unusual angles, dynamic shots, and even underwater filming. Although there are some unusual things, everything is still possible with GoPro tools.

This CTA video also asks the audience to subscribe with a subscription button so that they can find out more.

4. Zoom CTA Video, About The Latest Features

Zoom has a CTA video that has “Explore More” details in the action phrase. This video is more informational and about the product launch. The strategy applied to this CTA video is to encourage viewers to find out more about Zoom’s advanced new features. For potential customers, this CTA marketing is very useful to get in-depth information.

5. Payoneer With Value Proposition

Grow your business and Own Tomorrow with Payoneer

The video Call To Action created by Payoneer has a ‘Get Started Today’ component as its action phrase. They created an explainer video that focuses on direct conversion. There is an attractive and unique button text that shows ‘Work Global. Feel Local’ as the tagline. This CTA video from Payoneer enhances the value proposition aspect.

Tips That Might Help You Make a Good CTA Video

a person wearing headphones sitting in front of a computer

To help you create a CTA video, the following tips can help you:

1. Keep It Concise But Clear

For your audience to watch the video completely, make sure you keep it concise. Even though you make it as short as possible, you still have to focus on providing a clear explanation. With a few words, you can provide a simple action element as you can see in video Call To Action templates.

2. Must Be Relevant

Make sure your video has a relevant message. If you are creating a video with a short explainer element, then you can consider CTA text such as ‘Find More’ or ‘Get Started’.

3. Using Different CTAs

Use different phrases for different purposes in your video Call To Action. There are times when ‘Learn More’ is better than ‘Buy Now’. For product videos, you can invite viewers to buy. But for demo videos, you might want to consider ‘Learn More’ or something similar.

4. Use Urgency Sense

Create a video CTA that makes viewers want to take action immediately. You can consider actionable verbs like ‘Sign Up for Today’ or ‘Try Now!’ which can be effective methods to encourage action.

5. Verbal And Visual

When creating a video Call To Action description, consider both the verbal and visual aspects. So, make the action in your CTA video said both in text and voiceover. Those are some things that can make you more proficient in creating Call To Action video.

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