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Video marketing means the use of video content to promote products, brands, and services. Using video as part of a marketing strategy will help expand audience reach; this will increase buyer interest more strongly and greatly.

Same as the other marketing materials, marketing using video format aims to introduce a product or brand, but in a way that may attract more interest. A brand can use various types of formats and channels to run promotions, starting from their official website, social media accounts on various platforms, or through blogs.

Through this discussion, you will find an understanding of the basics of video marketing and how it can be successful for your business. You can also find a credible agency that will help you create video marketing strategy in an easier but more effective way.

However, the use of such services will require in-depth research. You certainly don’t want to fall into regret if you choose carelessly and don’t consider the risks and opportunities that exist. If you need certainty, so you can choose SNXP Studio for the best result.



Why Video Marketing Matters?

Every business person who implements a marketing system certainly agrees that the video marketing method is the best. This is proven by a Statista study which states that there have been at least 8,000 marketing leaders since June 2021. In it, it was found that making pre-produced videos is the most effective tactic for engaging consumers digitally in the world.

It was stated that the use of pre-produced video was not only used by 81% of business people, but also another 13% said they would use it in the future. Apart from that, the live-streaming video strategy is also one of the most widely used methods with a percentage of 73% of respondents taking part in it, and the remaining 19% saying they plan to do so.

The fact that video is one of the media that is most in demand by the general public throughout the world makes it the most popular marketing strategy. This is supported by another fact that two-thirds of consumers stated they would be much more interested in watching a product promotional video than reading a written advertisement.

In the first 6 months of 2021, video content was the highest source of internet traffic worldwide, reaching 53.7% and social media usage was 12.7% and ranked second. In making it, it is important to manage the content in such a way that the message conveyed in the video can be understood and felt by the audience, even persuasively.



Benefits of Video Marketing

After studying the meaning and importance of marketing videos, next, we will discuss the benefits of this marketing method.


1. Expand The Reach Of Potential Audiences

There are lots of channels you can choose to display promotional or video marketing content to your audience; you can use streaming films, visit pages related to product listings, or send posts on company social media accounts, in that way, you can reach audiences from anywhere in the world.


2. Attract Greater Attention

You can find richness in video content; you can find movement, music, color, and other dynamic sounds, so they will highlight more elements than just static images. Being able to attract the attention of viewers or customers will be very beneficial for both parties, on the customer side; they will find the brands and products they need more easily.


3. Create Interesting Content

Video marketing is not just about showing advertisements, but also providing quality content in terms of visuals and audio that can show your brand’s performance and professionalism to customers.

For example, BeaverCraft, which produces wooden products in Europe, discovered the essence of video content for marketing after sharing videos containing the process of carving wood aesthetically and also providing knowledge about types of wood.

Educational content will spark audience engagement and make the brand grow more than other types of channels. This will encourage higher production levels and ultimately sell more. Content that is produced well and aims to satisfy customers with information will generate organic followers and will of course be the best SEO strategy you can imagine.


4. Introduce The Brand And Product

Making a video marketing in the form of a description will make it easier for customers to get to know your product visually rather than just pictures and writing. Tell customers how to use your product in detail through the video content you create. You can also make a video to show your company’s background to customers, rather than just telling your success story in forming a brand like it is today.



Video Marketing Campaign Creation

The specific marketing campaign created will depend on the type of video produced and the chosen marketing channels. This information can be sourced from various online marketing services. Additionally, one can develop their campaign strategy by studying marketing strategies broadly and universally to explore more options and ideas.

Here are 9 crucial tips to make excellent and targeted video marketing campaign.


1. Determine Your Goals

video marketing goals

Determine what your goals are before actually making a video marketing purpose. What kind of video content you will create will be determined from the start of determining the purpose of creating it.

Determine whether it will be promotional, persuasive, informative, or educational for the audience. It is very important to understand what you want to achieve from creating your video content. Without all of that, you will experience a dead end and not be able to find a good ending.


2. Determining the Message and Target Audience

So that you can achieve your promotional campaign goals and create content well and correctly, you need to know the patterns of your target audience.

If you can identify it, then you can easily formulate the message you want to convey so that it is more effective. Always pay attention to your audience, and what their needs and concerns are so that you can provide solutions for them and convey them appropriately.

Arrange the story, narrative, and flow of the content you want to create, and this can be the most fun and most difficult thing. To form the basic framework of your story, try to apply the following four basics well:

  • A protagonist with a goal is an audience that must fit the specified target demographic.
  • Conflict is a problem that customers have.
  • Quests are a way to introduce the products you have.
  • Resolution tells viewers how your product can solve their problem.

Therefore, your audience is more aware of your brand, don’t just provide the information they need, but try to provide additional impressions in your promotional video content so that it stays in their memory forever, this will make them emotionally attached to your product.

The following is a detailed explanation of the priorities that must be considered:

Awareness: The audience’s awareness that they have a problem and need a solution is the stage of seeking challenges and solutions. This is the stage when you create video marketing content to introduce the product to a new target audience.

Consideration: Viewers begin to analyze what they need as a solution to the problem. Viewers do research, look for recommendations, read product reviews, and find the cheapest solution possible.

Decision: when the viewer is close to finding a solution, then you want to be remembered. Show that you have good prospects for customer satisfaction and provide strong evidence why they should choose your brand over others.

As stated, the target audience can be known after the screening. The video marketing assets that are prepared need to meet the following criteria to achieve marketing objectives, including:

  • Who your services and products are for: This means finding out the personality of your buyers so you can easily determine them.
  • Purpose of making the video: This helps you determine which channel to choose.
  • Where the target audience gathers: This will tell you how to do good video distribution.

If you have successfully answered the three things above, then you not only know who your target audience is but also know how to reach them. We can also see how customers will look nostalgically to look for old advertising videos that made an impression on them, and ultimately buy the product again.


3. High-Quality Audio Visual

Large resources are not something that must be present in all of your video content. What is more important is how you can display content with clear and aesthetic images and sound. Your target audience can use cell phones or large-screen televisions to view your video content, so make it in high resolution to make it look professional.


4. Always Have a Creative Attitude

marketer having a discussion

You need to pay attention to the parties who will approve your video marketing content, starting from the owner, company officials, and your marketing department, and the estimated time to complete the corrections in the video that they request.

Rapid and sudden changes in messages, scripts, goals, or other things have the potential to disrupt your video production flow. However, you still have to be prepared for this condition. You need to learn a lot to understand patterns and tips to collect creative ideas from your team through effective and efficient meetings.


5. Stick to Your Timeline

Calendar and timer

In planning all your production flows, such as finding creative ideas for the direct video distribution process, try to always follow the schedule that you have prepared. Some things you should always pay attention to are the overall display timeline, the production timeline, the distribution process timeline, and other important things.

The timeline will be a light that guides your process, it will give you a clear picture of the process you have gone through and what is still not completed. Your marketing team members will be very dependent on this timeline. Each department such as marketing, production, and your social media department has its schedule. The basic goal is to become a good worker who provides a clear picture of the beginning, work process, and completion of the video marketing content.


6. Realistic Budget

Money is a driving force that cannot be denied. Indeed, in creating content, creativity and innovation are very important, but we still have to be realistic. Everything will be very difficult to achieve without an appropriate budget and on target. That way, it is important to plan expenses and also the resources needed.

You need to plan it well, for example determining which parts you can record or work on yourself, and which ones you will transfer to be done by the team collectively. Make a plan about what things you can spend on with a large enough budgets, and which ones you can save on.

Try to always spend your money so that there is a positive turnover. For those of you who are still beginners, it is highly recommended to ask experts or people who have been involved in it to find out the detailed costs of all the content creation processes, starting from script creation, and so on. Apart from that, you can ask for an estimate of the amount of money that must be spent to hire permanent employees and casual employees.

There are lots of agencies that will be happy to help and provide the information needed, even if they need to point out other agencies that may be more competent than them. Making videos with certain features may cost more, so it is very important to do in-depth research before you dive into the video marketing production process.


7. Input an Optional Sounds

It is very necessary to add narration, voice-over, and music to your video content, but you don’t need to expect too much from that. We must also pay attention to the possibility that your audience is watching your content in a crowded public place so it is not possible to use loud sound so as not to disturb. To overcome this, you can use text or subtitles on videos that have been adjusted to allow viewers to watch without needing to hear the sound.


8. Make Short, Concise, and Clear Videos

video editing

It’s almost impossible to control how long viewers watch your content. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the timing when displaying content, try to display the most important information from the beginning of the video, if necessary, use captions to trick the audience into watching until the end.


9. Notify for the Next Steps

group of people having a discussion for video marketing

You have to make sure that the audience will get useful information and know what to do after watching your marketing content.

In the best video marketing campaigns, you should write a clear call to action for your viewers. This can be done by providing links for direct product purchases or informing them so that it is easier to find video content that is relevant to them.



Types of Videos for Video Marketing Campaign

If you have created a good strategy for video marketing, then the next step is execution, but there are still other things you need to learn.

There are many types and styles of videos that you can choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Some types of video content will be better for you with a specific target audience, or you can choose other types that will be more cost-friendly for you.

To know which one is better for you, it is necessary to study this type of video in more detail. By looking at the review below, you will find several types of videos that are most commonly found today, so it will be easier for you to determine your next steps.


In special marketing video channels, you can find many types of videos, ranging from videos about brands, to video tutorials, videos to answer FAQs, and countless others.

Of the many types of videos available, there may be several choices that are right for your marketing strategy needs. After all the strategy processes for determining the target audience, you can then study several types of videos that might be suitable, among others.


1. Advertising

This is a type of video marketing that is short and shows the strengths of your company by using dynamic images or scenes to attract audience interest and provide clear follow-up action. This is one of the types of videos that are most often found on TV, streaming services, or even mainstream social media today, including YouTube. The main purpose of advertising is to attract new customers, so the content has broad appeal and only displays the advantages and important things that viewers need.

The most important thing of all is that it is easy to remember. Advertisements show things or aspects that are attached to viewers so that they will not easily forget them after watching them.

In general, the duration of advertisements is short, only around 30 seconds to one minute, and is shown on television between shows or on video streaming services such as YouTube. It is also very good to display on social media accounts or your official website because it will provide a brief overview and attract customers’ attention when this ad appears on their homepage.


2. Social Media Video Content

Social media video marketing content as the name suggests is a video published on social media platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and many more. This content is generally very attention-grabbing and fun to share.

This advertisement can contain lifestyle images, scenes or situations related to your product, short interview quotes or customer voice clips, and also aesthetic photos showing your product.

TV users are currently decreasing, but of course, you have seen it on social media. This is what makes social media video content can be found anywhere because anyone has a smartphone in their hand now.

The short and easy-to-find nature of social media videos means they have a high engagement impact on customers and potential customers. It is most widely used in the Tiktok or Instagram Reels platforms, which are very popular and widely chosen for sharing short-form video content.

Create social media video content with duration of only around 30 seconds. You can use the available features when editing videos to make them more suitable to your target audience.

If you are creative enough, you can make a silent video with the video displayed in a loop so that viewers can enjoy the content better. You can take advantage of positive customer feedback to include in your video to make it more convincing. Your company’s credibility will increase drastically through indirect promotion through word of mouth.


3. Explanatory Video Content

Explanatory video content is a video marketing that contains a detailed explanation about the company, products, and services that you provide. Almost the same as social media video content, all videos can be explanatory video content. The main requirement is to explain how your company can resolve certain problems as part of customer complaints.

This type of video marketing will be very good for your company’s brand recognition. This video will explain briefly and concisely how you can do it and why customers need you. The general duration for this type of video is around 3 minutes. It contains a strong invitation to customers and an explanation of how to solve complex problems simply.

Make sure that the video can answer 3 main questions, including: What problems are your viewers facing? How can you provide solutions for your audience? Why should they choose you for their solution? This is the basics.



Three Stages of Video Production

With a partner such as the right video-making service, it will take at least 2 months to complete everything well. However, it is important to plan bigger things so that you can be prepared for uncertainty and can complete them on time.

1. Pre-Production Stage

This is the stage where you prepare everything at the beginning; therefore this is an important stage that will determine the final result of your marketing video. Try to start defining your content creation goals correctly, it is necessary to ask for opinions and discuss with the relevant team members, then you can make some necessary orders and also arrange a shooting schedule and so on.

Whether you decide to use agency services, at this stage you need to ensure everything starting from background, performance reviews, and also other important things that need to be considered.

The following are four steps in pre-production that need to be done.


Creative and Innovative Brainstorming

Carrying out creative brainstorming is very important whether you use an agency to work on your video marketing or not. This will help you determine all the important elements in a marketing promotion video content in an organized and structured manner.

Don’t be too afraid and limit yourself when brainstorming, bring out all the creative ideas you might have while determining which ones will be successful and which ones won’t need to be done later in the process.

If you use an agency to make videos, you probably won’t think too much about this. You can get a call for a meeting and listen to their ideas and then determine together which ones will be executed and what the desired result will be. This way you can also exchange ideas and discover new concepts that might be offered.

The most important thing of all is determining the direction of the advertising material that the company needs, with well-produced advertising that will produce results that can attract the attention of customers in a much greater and more impactful way.


Creating a Script

The next step is to create a script. Everything including dialogue, sound cues, and also matters related to the content down to the details during the creation process can be read in the drafted script. In this case, it is the same; you can hire the services of a video marketing maker or decide to do it yourself.

You must pay close attention that the duration per word is 2 seconds to produce advertisements that are informative and easy to understand. So it could be said that a one-minute video can contain 120 words, and then 2 minutes can contain 240 words, and so on.

You also need to know that not every video has to be filled with dialogue. There are many cases where animated videos create a stronger impression than dialogue or narration. How you convey your message well and reach the audience is something that must be thought through carefully.



Describe everything you want to do during the manufacturing process in detail after determining the visuals. Use storyboards if you want to develop the feel and appearance of your video. This will be very useful for camera operators and production coordinators while on set in determining which priorities should be done first.

To make it, you don’t need to be a professional, the important thing is that you can make a drawing or stick that can be used to direct all production sequences according to a priority scale and can be understood by all.


Ordering and Preparation

This is the official step that marks the start of your video marketing production process. Some things that need to be ordered include talent, shooting location permits, staff search, property search, and many other things that need to be considered. This might be very difficult if you do it yourself, so you can hire the services of a video marketing agency to help you make the whole search process easier unless you already have a mature team.

2. Production

When you have entered the video marketing production stage, here are the things you must pay attention to during this process.

Audio and Visual Quality

Audio and visual are two very important components and you want to make sure they turn out well. To get it, you need to check that all the equipment for taking sound and images is functioning very well.

If the work is done on the shooting location, then you only need to pay attention to the storyboard that has been made, and if it is outside the shooting location, then you needs to make a telephone call or video call to make sure everything is appropriate.


Lighting is a determining factor in whether your video marketing will look cheap or classy. You need to pay attention to lighting as best as possible because this will determine the feel, impression, and tone of the video. You can hire a professional service to do this and make sure you check and approve it before processing it further.


Styling is another thing that determines the results of the video, such as the makeup of the actors and also the arrangement of set decorations. Whether the video is large or small scale, it is important to arrange the set in such a way as to achieve your marketing goals, namely attracting customer interest with video quality.

3. Post Production

This is a job that is mostly related to providing graphic and sound effects to highlight elements in the video. In this case, you can hire professional video marketing services.

Visual Effects

The most important thing is to provide an unforgettable and classy visual appearance. By paying attention to visual effects, you can provide many effects in the video; you can also adjust the focus and lighting which will strengthen the impression of the scene.

Sound effects

Not only visual effects, you also need to pay attention to sound effects which will further strengthen the impression and also help convey the intent of the marketing video so that it can reach the audience’s understanding more easily.

Graphic Effects

This graphic effect is not only used to beautify the appearance of the video marketing but also provides important information in the video in an aesthetic way. This can be done with overlays, text effects, transitions, and so on. In this job, you may need the help of from video marketing companies such as SNXP Studio which is well known for its credibility.

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