Work From Bali, New Work Culture Trend

What are the advantages of working from Bali?

Bali has its own cultural and beautiful places so that many outsiders want to stay, even settle in Bali. Bali is the dream of many, to pack bags, and come to Bali in order to leave behind the old life. A dream that thousands of self-employed digital nomads and remote workers have made come true in recent years. Remote working for another company in general boomed because of the covid restrictions and more and more companies allow their workers, or even encourage them to work from “anywhere”. 

The digital nomad lifestyle is attractive; “working online and living on a tropical island, getting paid to a bank account outside of Indonesia, not paying any taxes, having clients from all over the world.” There are several factors that give rise to the “digital nomad phenomena” in Bali.  And studies show that workers are very open to the idea of breaking the chains of an office job at home and would, at least for a few months per year, consider going somewhere else. This led to a rising number of “self-employed digital nomads” finally able to make a living and create a stable income.  And then there is Bali as a destination – this magical island offers a very convincing and attractive package of tropical lifestyle, quality of life, reasonable costs of living, vibrant communities, tolerance, and millions of things to do and explore.

Sustainable Tourism in Bali

While Bali’s status as a well-loved tourist destination has contributed to its economic growth, it has had a negative impact environmentally. According to environmental science news platform Mongabay, Indonesia is the number two contributor to plastic waste next to China, and Bali has seen the brunt of it with their lack of centralized management, causing trash to be dumped in both land and sea. The pandemic may be the perfect opportunity for the island and its residents to turn the tide. According to local environmental activist Gede Robi Supriyanto, the pandemic has sparked a “cultural shift”. “People are rethinking to preserve their nature and culture, whether accidentally or forced to because of the pandemic,” Supriyanto shares in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). “In a disaster like this we need to adapt quickly so every step that we are taking will turn into solutions for the problem.” 

“The tourism sector needs to develop products with other sectors so as to create a more resilient and sustainable economy,” sustainable business consultant and economist Dr. Luh Putu Mahyuni said in a webinar hosted by The Star last May. Moving towards sustainable tourism could be the pandemic’s silver lining for Bali–allowing the island to remain a top travel destination while protecting the environment, diversifying its offerings for tourists, and providing new employment opportunities.

Best Money Remittance Services in Indonesia

When you move to work from Bali, one thing for sure is that you need to send money back home. However, finding money remittance services in Indonesia can be overwhelming for the first-timer. There are many services such as banks or Western Union, but if you are looking for the easiest way, there is an app called Transfez.

As a license holder of the highest financial authority in Indonesia—Bank Indonesia, Transfez offers a full online payment system and has recorded a nominal transfer total of Rp200 billion—one of the highest in Indonesia, especially when compared to other online remittance providers.

Learn several points above for your reference before moving or work from Bali, and always use Transfez for the convenience of sending money to your home country.